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        We Are Convenient...

        We can conduct our business relationships through: 

        • Skype™
        • Email
        • MS Teams
        • E-Learning Platform
        • Classroom Training 
        • Conference Call 
        • Zoom
        • Ring Central
        • and Face-to-Face Meetings

              ​ILBS,LLC Offers Assessment-Based Training, Coaching                      and Consulting In The Following Topics:                   ​

        • Curriculum Development
        • Change Management and Process Improvement
        • Organizational Behavior and Team Development
        • Conflict Management and Resolution
        • Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Training
        • Executive Leadership and Management Services
        • Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Skills
        • Executive Search Services and Succession Planning
        • ​H2O Behavior Inventory Assessment
        • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)
        • Strategic Planning
        • Performance Management and Motivation
        Bring Our Expertise To Your Business

        ILBS,LLC offers a range of consulting services--all designed to 

        help your company reach its potential. Whether you're 
        looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, ILBS,LLC has you covered. 
        ILBS,LLC services are available a la carte so you can 
        get precisely what you need.

        - Whatever your situation and the challenges you face, ILBS,LLC has solutions. 

        - ILBS,LLC wants to partner with you for your optimal success!

        Our services provide measurable client outcomes including:

        • Increased top line growth

        • Improved processes

        • Engaged clients and employees

        • Larger profit percentages

        • Stronger strategic positioning

        • Improved leadership confidence

        • Better organizational alignment

        The Hybrid Home and Office Behavior Inventory©

        We developed a proprietary assessment to give you insight into your style and preferences in processing information, professional conduct, personal motivators, and interpersonal skills. Click on the logo above for more details.