Bring Our Expertise To Your Business

ILBS,LLC offers a range of consulting services--all designed to 

help your company reach its potential. Whether you're 
looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, ILBS,LLC has you covered. 
ILBS,LLC services are available a la carte so you can 
get precisely what you need.

- Whatever your situation and the challenges you face, ILBS,LLC has solutions. 

- ILBS,LLC wants to partner with you for your optimal success!

Our services provide measurable client outcomes including:

  • Increased top line growth

  • Improved processes

  • Engaged clients and employees

  • Larger profit percentages

  • Stronger strategic positioning

  • Improved leadership confidence

  • Better organizational alignment





    Our Services




      The Hybrid Home and Office Behavior Inventory©

      We developed a proprietary assessment to give you insight into your style and preferences in processing information, professional conduct, personal motivators, and interpersonal skills. Click on the logo above for more details.




        Training, assessment, and consulting to help your business excel

        We Are Convenient...

        We can conduct our business relationships through: 

        • Skype™
        • Email
        • MS Teams
        • E-Learning Platform
        • Classroom Training 
        • Conference Call 
        • Zoom
        • Ring Central
        • and Face-to-Face Meetings

        ILBS,LLC Offers Assessment, Training, Coaching and Consulting In The Following Topics:    


        • Curriculum Development
        • Change Management and Process Improvement
        • Organizational Behavior and Team Development
        • Conflict Management and Resolution
        • Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Training
        • Executive Leadership Coaching and Management Services
        • Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Skills
        • ​H2O Behavior Inventory Assessment
        • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)
        • Performance Management and Motivation
        • ​Pre-hire and Personality Assessment