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For Multiple H2OBI©  Individual Assessments and Reports 

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    The H2O Behavior Inventory© Description

    The Hybrid Home and Office Behavior Inventory© (H2O Behavior Inventory©) is the name of a non-clinical multidimensional assessment tool based in several psychological theories. It identifies the interactions of four meaningful dimensions of work/life behaviors. Our main objective is for you to become highly sensitive and aware of your styles and preferences in personal motivators, processing information, interpersonal skills and professional conduct. When you become highly sensitive to those four domains (or different areas) of consistent work\life behavior…you can learn to identify and counteract unfavorably reactions in your interactions with people. Ultimately, you should be able to consistently present yourself favorably at home and work.





      Hybrid Home and Office Behavior Inventory© (H2OBI)

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        The H2O Behavior Inventory© Individual Report

        The report provides insights and performance objectives for an individual to understand and perhaps continue to produce positive patterns of behavior. The report details the following:

        Completing The H2O Behavior Inventory© 


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        2.  We will send you the URL to "Take The Assessment" via email.
        3. Go to the URL to complete the assessment.
        4. After payment, receive your report via e-mail within 14 business days.

        There are 40 questions on the inventory. Select the one (1) answer that currently describes you the best. It will take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.





          Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and the H2O Behavior Inventory© 

          The H2OBI© measures four primary factors, which represent distinct Cultural Intelligence (CQ) capabilities: CQ Drive, CQ Knowledge, CQ Strategy, and CQ Action. When individuals become culturally sensitive in those four domains…they can learn to identify and counteract unfavorably reactions in interactions with people. Thus, individuals should be able to consistently present themselves favorably at home, work and in any cultural setting.

          Workplace Cultural Assessment and the H2O Behavior Inventory©

          Our workplace culture assessment is a version of our customizable H2OBI© assessment.  The final report provides specific insights for the City to understand its current workplace climate, the opinions of its stakeholders and current workplace culture analysis. 

          The H2O Behavior Inventory© Individual Report Uses

          - TEAM BUILDING





          1. KEY INSIGHTS

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          The H2O Behavior Inventory© Team Report

          Our team reports provide valuable team building insights for groups of two or more people. Please Contact Us if you would like a sample report e-mailed to you.